CL Docker Images


The purpose of this project is to make it easy to use any open source ANSI Common Lisp implementation inside a Docker container. To that end, we publish a variety of prebuilt images to the clfoundation org on Docker Hub that share common layers and methodologies (such as entrypoint behavior) as much as possible.

Some people love it, some people hate it, but Docker is a useful technology for certain CI/CD, deployment, and development scenarios. In addition to the images themselves, we plan on show casing uses of these images.

We publish the following types of images:

We publish images for the following platforms. If someone would like to donate hardware or expertise for setting up environments for other platforms, please reach out!

  • linux/amd64
  • linux/arm/v7
  • linux/arm64/v8
  • windows/amd64

Additionally, the slime-docker Emacs package is part of this project as well. Se eits README for more information on how to integrate Docker images into your SLIME workflow.

The following pages contain more detail on this project:

  • Roadmap: Where this project is going in the future.
  • Infrastructure: Where the code is hosted and how the images are built.
  • History: Where these images came from.
  • Contributing: How to contribute to this project.
  • Code of Conduct: How we expect contributors to interact with each other.